NASID Framework

The NASID Conference was a resounding success thanks to so many of you! The panel discussions elicited a number of priorities and recommendations for the NASID national strategic framework. The following key themes emerged:

  • Prioritization of multiple substance impaired driving
  • Data challenges and gaps
  • Roadside testing with field sobriety tests and other emerging technologies
  • Expanding toxicology testing and lab capacity
  • Educating policy makers and other key stakeholders on the issues of multiple substance impaired driving
  • Focus and support for impaired driving enforcement

The input from the attendees helped us achieve a key objective of this conference by providing the board with recommendations that can be molded in a national strategic framework and providing recommendations to the membership on key priorities for 2022. NASID will hold a meeting in October for members to work through the various ideas presented in this impressive list. If you would like to add a priority to the NASID framework that is not listed here, please contact NASID Director Darrin Grondel at [email protected]