NASID is not holding a conference in 2023, but will be holding one in 2024. Check back for updates.

National Alliance to Stop Impaired Driving (NASID) Conference

U.S. traffic fatalities increased significantly in 2020 – the highest number of deaths and fatality rate on our nation’s roadways since 2007 – while traffic crashes, injures and vehicle miles traveled declined. Nearly 39,000 people were killed on our roads, including 11,654 people in alcohol-impaired fatal crashes. Drunk driving fatalities accounted for 30 percent of all fatal motor vehicle crashes and are 100% preventable. In response, the National Alliance to Stop Impaired Driving (NASID) held our second national summit focused on multiple substance impaired driving prevention. 

The summit convened the nation’s foremost experts to examine the challenges and complexities of multiple substance impaired driving. Participants engaged in discussions about topics such as the National Road Safety Strategy safe systems approach, advanced technology to prevent impaired driving, public awareness campaigns, standardization of chemical testing protocols, and featured a policymaker roundtable. View the 2022 NASID Conference Agenda.

The National Alliance to Stop Impaired Driving (NASID) is a coalition established and led by to eliminate all forms of impaired driving, especially multiple substance impaired driving, through effective and proven measures such as DUI system reform, DUI detection, and improved use of data and technology.

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