Help Get DRUGGED Drivers off New York Roads NOW – Take Action

Drugged drivers threaten the lives of random and innocent roadway users every day throughout New York State. Drugged driving is a public safety and public health issue. Right now, a driver who is visibly impaired cannot be arrested and prosecuted without a police officer naming the impairing drug. In addition, that named substance must be listed on the NY Public Health Law (PHL) 3306 list.

Furthermore, drivers impaired by drugs can refuse a substance-identifying test, refuse to disclose the drugs they are under the influence of, and sidestep drugged driving license repercussions.

When this happens, they avoid getting needed substance abuse screening and treatment; there is no deterrence or intervention. An arrest and prosecution are legally impossible if the drug cannot be named by the officer, the drugged driver is released without recourse, and the safety of New York drivers remains at risk.

Urge your state senator and your state representative to support the Deadly Driving Bill (S3135/A174) and pass it into law this year.